Full format support

Built-in integrated decoding package, supports a variety of common audio and video formats , including 4K video.

Hardware decoding

Give priority to hardware decoders, save power and reduce heat. For those hardware decoder does not support, multi-threaded software decoder will be used.

High definition rendering

High definition renderer, optimize specially for retina display, vividly restore the video picture, fiber must be present.

Special effects subtitles

Perfectly present subtitles with special effects, supports all kinds of subtitle file format, like ass/ssa, srt, idx/sub, smi, txt, etc. Automatically load subtitle files which have the same file name with video file.

Video summaries

Quickly display video summaries,one click to jump to the most interesting part,feel a sense of control spontaneously. This is an exclusive feature on macOS platform.

Fiber optic audio output

Supports raw DTS/AC3 stream output by S/PDIF connection. Plug your S/PDIF cable into 3.5mm headphone jack, LionPlayer will recognize it automatically. Attention: New MacBook Pro with Touch Bar don’t support S/PDIF interface.

Real-time audio equalizer

Real-time audio equalizer, adjust the strength of each band.

Real-time video adjustment

Real-time adjustment of video effects, including brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma and so on.

There are a lot more

More other thoughtful features awaiting you to discover.



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